Tuesday, January 9, 2007

So, here are the four pairs of felted mittens ready to be sent to Minnesota to stave off the wet and cold! The lone pair is my favorite of the three. They are all knit from stash yarns! Fun and quick to knit, but I'm happy to be doing something else now.

The last picture is supposed to be a pair of handwarmers all knit from one ball, but look at the color difference. I wasn't sure I'd want to wear them together, so I am trying to get matching sets out of the remaining ball. One for me and one for my gift stash. So, 1 ball down so far....Love the yarn though. It is Noro Silk Garden that I had found at the thrift store. I have to say, I think I might break my rules if I happened to find Noro at the thrift store again! It is such beautiful yarn that it was quite an accomplishment for me to actually knit it. I tend to hang on to this kind of stuff forever, waiting for the "perfect" project.

I'll show you the matching pairs, too, when I finish. Not sure if you can see the cable up the back. Hopefully I'll get better at photographs as we go along here.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, so cute and cozy! I love those mittens. I need to go shop for mittens and gloves today, as my kids are going up with the church group on Saturday to Mt. Hood to do inner-tubing in the snow. Plus it's supposed to snow here today....but we haven't seen any sign of it yet.