Monday, January 15, 2007

Hurry Up Spring Handwarmers Done!

I finished the armwarmers and used 2 balls and a some scraps to do it. I actually wasn't sure if I'd have enough to finish the fourth one, but I made it. I had to take a 1/2 inch off the top of the match and bind off again in order to make the partner match as I did not have enough yarn to go another 1/2 inch and do the thumbs! Efficiency! That said, I liked how they turned out. I think I'll keep the brownish rosy pair and give away the purple/greenish pair. Hailey and I enjoyed modeling and photo shooting in the yard this afternoon. The photos turn out better in daylight than with the flash. I have now earned the right to purchase 1 ball of yarn! I think my next project may be finishing a sweater I started long ago with some handspun local yarn I purchased through a friend. I'll try to post some in-process pictures soon. A sweater intimidates me, but it will use lots of stash and give me a huge sense of accomplishment.

I also have a project that I forgot to count in my grand count--it is for a gift that I'll need soon. I'll need to be hush-hush in case a certain someone reads my blog. Those pictures will have to wait, but I will need to add 6 balls to my total.


Elizabeth said...


We're sure using our gloves today. We have about 5 inches of snow! And it's still coming--or at least, last I checked it was still snowing a bit.

Lora said...

i love the handwarmers! i've never seen ones with thumbs...did i mention my birthday is in september? tee hee.