Friday, January 19, 2007

On my needles.....

I've been inspired to use up a bunch of novelty yarn by knitting caps for kids at the Boston Children's Hospital. (You can check it out on the yarn diet along I've linked to on this page. Look in the sidebar under charity knitting) It's the perfect solution for those odd balls of Fun Fur I found at Big Lots for a dollar apiece and just HAD to bring home. They've been sitting here for ages with me thinking, "Now what in the WORLD am I going to do with this!" Hopefully it'll cheer someone up. I've got one done and another on the needles. I'll show pictures when N and Mark get back from their weekend in Yosemite.

The other thing I've pulled out is a sweater I started a couple of years ago from a local homespun yarn. Again, I'll post pictures next week. I hope to get it worked up to the armpits and make good progress on a sleeve this weekend. I am enjoying stashbusting!

I did use my gift certificate to Noe Knits. Got 1 ball of Cash Iroha to go with some Silk Garden I already had for a hat project, as well as one ball of Deco Ribbon to go with the lone ball I had. Two should be enough to make something with!

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