Saturday, October 20, 2007

Updating my list of unfinished objects....

1. Cashmere scarf (2 balls of yarn)
2. Denim blue baby sweater from Last Minute Knitted gifts (3 balls of yarn)--COMPLETED
3. Lady Eleanor (10 balls)--COMPLETED
4. Ripple Baby Blanket (4 balls)--COMPLETED
5. Finish the knitting club scarves (these aren't actually my stash)--COMPLETED
6. Hailey's pirate doll (? as to balls of yarn)--COMPLETED
7. Hexagon shawl (10 balls?)
8. a pair of socks
9. Griffindor Hats--COMPLETED
10. TBA

I actually have only three things left on the needles! Wahoo! I may slow down a bit on this as I need to do some gift knitting. However, progress has been made!

The Blue Baby Sweater...

After many years of languishin in the bottom of the knitting basket, looking for more Reynolds Gypsy, and general inertia, I would like to present the Blue Baby Sweater. The pattern is from Weekend Knitting and I used 3 (?) balls of Reynolds Gypsy. It will go into the drawer of presents that await owners. Check another thing off my list of stash projects!

Monday, October 15, 2007

My little green character....

I needed a birthday gift for a two year old friend this weekend. I would prefer not to shop these days, but to use what I have to create gifts. I had Isaiah draw a picture of a creature that served as inspiration for this fellow. He's an alien, roughly. I used outgrown sweaters of the kids' that had been felted down and leftover quilt batting for the stuffing. An exercise in recycling! He was lots of fun to make up as I went along. He's actually version 2 because my first try didn't really work. Hope his two year old care giver enjoys him.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Finished objects...

So, pardon these photos. My camera isn't doing its best today...
The first picture is of a quilt that Hailey made for a friend. I thought that she did a beautiful job! She sewed and designed it herself with just a little help from me.
Next, you will see that Lady Eleanor is done. She was a breeze to finish as the Noro Silk Garden is so fun to work with. I became addicted to seeing what color would come next and what other color it might end up being next to. This was a fun project and ended up using 9 1/2 balls of Noro Silk Garden. It is so lovely that I want to figure out a use for the other 1/2 ball!