Saturday, January 9, 2010

A couple more finished objects....

I seldom knit patterns more than once, but this is the second of a definite 3 Milo vests. I just love the boxy shaping around the neck and the various cables included in the pattern. So, this one was knit for my nephew for Christmas. The hat for my lovely friend Chris is from Boutique Knitting. Covering the buttons with fabric was magical...I could get into fabric covered buttons! I might make this hat a wee bit shorter next time or use lighter weight yarn. It's supposed to be slouchy, but I think it just looks too big this time around. It is cute, nonetheless.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quincy Hat

Here is an unrecorded object from December. My friend Amy was moving to more winterly weather and I thought a warm hat would be just the thing to send her off with. So I started the Quincy Hat from my new Made in Brooklyn book. After beginning, I realized that the yarn was purchased on a momentous road trip to New Mexico with Amy a couple years ago. I decided that this really must've been just the thing to give Amy on this occasion!