Thursday, January 4, 2007

Last Mitten Completed!

Yeah! I am finished with the last mitten. I will post a photo of the mitten quartet when they are all felted with their cuffs sewn in. This means that I am down 2 balls. I have some left, but I don't think that it can be called a ball, so it will go into the ziploc bag that has small scraps in it which I use for stripes or tiny projects and experiments. I think that's legal, don't you?

My knitting travelled with me to the Exploratorium today. The kids met friends there while we take advantage of this last week before we get back to our regular homeschool schedule. I often find the Exploratorium overstimulating after a while, so I can often be found with a ball of yarn in my pocket, connected to whatever project is flowing from my needles. Anyone else do this?

So, now I can seriously think about what I want to do will be something purely fun. I'll announce it here in the next few days.


Elizabeth said...

I've wanted for something to take me out of the overstimulation of the Exploratorium, but I don't knit. ;-)

Lisa said...

Hmmmm...portable soap making? : )

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, scary!