Friday, November 2, 2007

Reporting on New Yarn from New Mexico

Every year, we travel to New Mexico for the Emergent Gathering. While there, I usually make my way to the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Cooperative. This is a center that tries to keep local fiber arts traditions alive. They offer classes and loom rentals. It's just about the coolest place! Every year, my visit coincides with their annual sale. People donate yarn (and fabric, this year) to sell to raise money for the place. The yarn was $4 a pound this visit (at times it has been $1 per pound). I tried to be moderate by picking things up for friends as well. This is what I wound up with. Though I do intend to give some of the lace weight to some knitting friends for Christmas. Overall, I think I did fairly well in limiting my purchases. Last year Mark brought me an entire trash bag full! I again apologize for the off color on the lace weight yarn and on the blue Harrisville yarn. My camera batteries are going. Look soon for some more finished objects!

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Mrs. said...

This looks so fun! I love the green and yellow colors together.