Saturday, November 17, 2007

More creations....

Here is a smattering of my other creations...
First, in the recesses of my supplies, I found onesies. I made little appliqued patches for them from my fabric and some heat-n-bond. They were quick little things and fun to make. I think my favorite is the mushroom or the pink with the Holly Hobby.
Second is a crocheted flower that I put on a pin. I guess I made it quite a while ago and I found it in a drawer, set aside to be a gift.
Lastly, I made a swarm of eye pillows. I have wanted to make these for some time and even created a pattern a couple of years ago. The pillows themselves are made of cotton, but have various washable covers in case they get dirty. The filler is organic buckwheat and lavendar. They can be warmed or cooled and placed over the eyes for relief of headaches, sore, tired eyes, or sinus discomfort. I like how they turned out. Again, everything but the filler was from things I already had. That feels good!

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