Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Knitterly Crafts

So, I am posting so many times, as blogger seems to only want to do so many pictures at once....I have made knitting stitch holders with beads and some rings from SCRAP. Eight of these have already been purchased by friends. I've enjoyed making them while I watch movies. I also found in my stash of things this knitting needle holder that I started a few years ago and for some reason never completed. Here it is now, as well as two pairs of handwarmers of my design. (There are actually two of each, but I can only photograph one of my own hands if I'm taking the photo!) The yarn is from the weaving guild in N.M. so I am not sure what it is, but it looks like wool from Harrisville to me.
Spent the day yesterday with my friend Chris, visiting Michaels and wandering around Menlo Park. I came with the yarn I had been missing for the monkey blanket from the Happy Hooker. Otherwise, I was pretty good about not bringing more crafting gear home. I have much to use up.
I did use two balls of yarn for handwarmers and gave some yarn to my friend Chris for some of her holiday crocheting. I need to rearrange my yarn now--There is space in the cupboard and I can move some from the basket into the cupboard. I think my next yarn destash goal is to empty the basket!

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laci said...

lisa - love the handwarmers! it's so hard to find a cute handwarmer pattern. when i was working in a FREEZING COLD office, i was desperately on a search for something i liked (as my hands turned blue on a daily basis), but everything was so plain and uninteresting.

great job on your own creation, and great use of your NM stash!