Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Completed Jaywalkers!

My Jaywalkers are done! Amazing the progress I can make when only working on one thing at a time! I used 100+ grams (I think my feet are a little big) of Artyarns Ultramerino 4. I knew I was going to run just a bit short for the toe, so I went looking on ravelry, where I found a lovely person who was willing to send me her leftovers from a project--just enough to finish my toes. I'd have to say, handmade socks are very comfortable and long-lasting! My attention will now turn to Mon Petit Chou, which I should finish in the next day or two.
About that other picture--I know I have some explaining to do : ). I made an exception to my no buying new yarn rule. This is Rhythm by Yarn Treehouse. While we were in Seattle this past weekend, Mark's sister told me about a non-profit yarn shop whose proceeds go to domestic violence counseling. The Rhythm was donated by another knitter and then sold there. People who need counseling also come to the shop to learn to knit and find community among knitters. I loved the concept and wanted to support the place. Since I live far away, the purchase had to be now. So, it was a meditated, intentional purchase that I feel good about. I'll probably be back in Seattle in June and may stop there again. Lovely yarn, eh?


pamela prince said...

Oh Lisa! You little knitter you! I miss you and miss hanging out with you and Chris at Progressive. Have I told you how much use we get out of your knitted fashions here in London? I wear the had you gave me all the time. Jesse sports either the orange or green one all the time too. Personally I think he looks adorable running across the schoolyard in that striped elf-like hat.

Kate said...

Lisa, I'm sure that that yarn purchase doesn't really count since it's for a good cause!

I'll have to check out that place next time I'm in Seattle.

Your socks look great!

Chris said...

They look awesome! I look forward to seeing them in person.

I miss you too Pam!

Christi said...

Wow, I'll have to check out that shop next time I'm in Seattle! That sounds great.