Monday, February 18, 2008

Lenten promises....

I have a couple of Lenten practices for this year that pertain to my crafting. The first of which is to work on one knitting project at a time until each one is done. That one is being difficult for me. I am so scattered right now and wish that I could start about a million things. One the flip side, I am feeling overwhelmed by my stash and by all the possibilities and that I simply need to knit more and faster to get all the things done that I would like to do. Somehow that begins to take the joy out of it for me. So, I am hoping that the discipline of limiting myself will be a good practice and will teach me something about what I can do being enough.
The second lenten practice is related--I will buy nothing except necessities for myself and the household. Translated here that means no new yarn or books or anything fiber related. One exception: I have an order of books already on the way. Again, it is the lesson of "enough" that I am working on--both being enough and having enough.
I am nearly done with one project, which I will post here as soon as it is finished!

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