Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Soap

Here's half of a batch of lemongrass soap. The other half is in various places in and near Washington DC, given with the washcloths as hostess gifts. I found this as a kit at SCRAP, believe it or not. Though I also make soap from my own recipes and ingredients, the kit from SCRAP was a real deal and very easy! Everything was premeasured. (SCRAP stands for Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts--it is like an art/craft thrift store and a very dangerous place to enter : ). I think the rest of this batch will be used by my family. I often make soap near the holidays--easy to make lots and a simple, consumable gift. We usually end up with just a bar or two left so it sill be nice to have a bit of a soap stash now. This soap lasts a bit longer than most commercial soap and is fairly mild to the skin.

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Elizabeth said...

Okay--I think SCRAP in San Francisco and SCRAP in Portland have to be different kinds of places. Our SCRAP stands for The School and Community Reuse Action Project. I want to visit SCRAP in San Francisco now! Next visit.