Sunday, February 11, 2007


Again, not the greatest picture, but I had fun making this guy and then giving him away moments later. While the kids were at a birthday party on the Presidio, I went for a fabulous walk in the sun, took some pictures, had coffee and got some more done on my sweater. Note the pictures! My sweater got out for a walk too and though I haven't made much progress, I wanted to post because these pictures were so much more fun than the last. The rock wall pictures were more playing around for Project Spectrum. I didn't realize it until I was nearly done, but I think today was my artist date, and a very nice one, too!

PS. Anyone know how I can move pictures around when I'm creating my post? Or how to add borders in Blogger? Any tips?

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Elizabeth said...

I've been able to just click and drag, but with less control than I'd like. I'm interested to hear if anyone else has any ideas.