Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Ole' Cowl

This is an effort to do some stash-busting with some big yarn. It was a quick knit and I imagine it will be nice and warm. Hailey thinks it is ugly. I think it could work on the right person. (Hailey assures me that she is NOT the right person!) Regardless, 300 grams out the door!


Big said...

I am the right person.

I miss you a lot these days. Been sewing and making wee little things.

Sending you my love...Amy

Jojo & Scott said...

My husband and I have hung out with Mark a couple times (portland and Seattle) I came across your blog through his and I LOVE your creations!

I knit/crochet and I'm starting my first skirt since my High School Home Ec class. But I have visions of aprons, pillows, headbands.
I'll have to check back for future inspirations.

Blessings to the Scandrette Family!

Lisa said...

I just saw your comment. I've not added much new lately, but thanks for your encouraging comments. I have a couple of things to take pictures of and post soon.

Perhaps one of these times, I'll be along to hang out as well!

Dani Ray said...

OMG I want this!!!!