Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This pattern left us all giggling with delight. A few weeks ago, Hailey had gone on a walk with her boyfriend. It was cold and she came home chilly. I asked why she hadn't worn her new handwarmers to stay warm and she replied, "Mom, it is no fun to hold hands with gloves on!" Shortly thereafter, I came upon this pattern on ravelry and had to make it! It is called "Smitten". Perfect, no? I started knitting it and it made me giggle so much that I couldn't keep it to myself. Soon everyone in the house but Hailey knew about it. I decided to give it to her on Valentine's Day before she went for a walk with her boyfriend. When I handed it to her she couldn't stop laughing about it either. She and her boyfriend used it on their Valentine walk and I think it is a success. It made her facebook status and makes us all smile. Perfect!

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