Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My first skein of completed yarn!

So, this is my first full skein of handspun yarn, done on a drop spindle. The fleece type is unknown, but I washed the fleece, carded it and spun it myself! The yarn is its natural colors. It turned out to be worsted weight (about 10 wraps per inch), 48 grams, and 78 yards. So now I am anxious to knit with it! I am not sure what I can make with this amount, but stay tuned and you will soon see : ).

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Christi said...

So does that mean it was raw, unprocessed fiber to begin with??? (I ask because I have two relatives who own livestock that produce hair which could conceivably be turned into yarn, if I had the skills. Definitely something I'm interested in looking into ...)