Monday, June 18, 2007


So, there is a new baby sweater kit that I am dying to knit. As many of you know, I have no actual need of more yarn! This is such a beautiful kit, though. So, how about this...I will knit 10 projects from my stash (many of them already in progress) and then I may buy the Tulip Baby Sweater kit. (if you google it, you'll see why I want it!) Reasonable enough, right? Here's my list of projects to finish:

1. Cashmere scarf (2 balls of yarn)
2. Denim blue baby sweater from Last Minute Knitted gifts (3 balls of yarn)
3. Lady Eleanor (10 balls)
4. Ripple Baby Blanket (4 balls)
5. Finish the knitting club scarves (these aren't actually my stash)
6. Hailey's pirate doll (? as to balls of yarn)
7. Hexagon shawl (10 balls?)
8. a pair of socks
9. TBA
10. TBA

So, that would be at least 30 some balls of yarn that I'd be down? Sounds good? I do need to buy four balls of yarn to finish Lady Eleanor. They are on order. I wonder if I could finish 2 projects in June. I'll go for the baby blanket and the knitting club scarves....Wish me luck.

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